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Peeling gel Application

What Is A Peeling Gel

The peeling gel does just what it says – it exfoliates! It gently removes the dead skin cells that sit on top of your skin, making it much easier for moisturizers and other products to be absorbed into your skin so they can start doing their jobs.

The Natural Peeling Gel is an easy way to exfoliate and brighten your skin! This gentle gel contains lactic acid, glycolic acid, lemon extract (rich in vitamin C) and chamomile extract that work together to slough off dead skin cells and loosen blackheads, revealing a brighter complexion.

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How Does The Peeling Gel Work

All facial scrubs work because they have ingredients that interact with oils on your skin, and clump them up. Some scrubs have beads that help do this, but not all. The thing about peeling gel is that it is a lot gentler than most scrubs since the action doesn’t rely on friction – it uses a chemical reaction instead.

The gels are particularly helpful in removing excess skin and oils from the face, neck and chest. Peeling gels should be applied to clean, dry skin and left on for a short period of time before gently rubbing your face with warm water until all of the clumps are dissolved away. It contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) (such as glycolic or citric acid) which helps to break down dead cells that accumulate on the top layers of your epidermis.

Application Of Peeling Gel

Peeling gel is used only 1-2 times per week to peel off dead skin cells. If you notice that your skin is dry and flaky after peeling, apply a moisturizer straight after peeling and before bed.

Benefits of Peeling Gel

Your skin will feel much smoother after using peeling gel. It also contains some ingredients that moisturizes your skin. It is a safe and effective way to remove dead skin cells and smooth out rough patches on your face or body without any harsh rubbing involved.

Note that Not all peeling gel are made the equal. Checkout some of the gels even tried and tested below:

Mamonde Aqua Peel Peeling Gel

Price – RM36

Mamonde Aqua Peel Peeling Gel
Aqua Peel Peeling Gel (100ml)

Dr.G Brightening Peeling Gel

Price – RM99

Dr G Brightening Peeling Gel
Dr G Brightening Peeling Gel (120ml)

Haruharu WONDER Black Rice Soft Peeling Gel

Price – RM105

Haruharu WONDER Black Rice Soft Peeling Gel
Haruharu WONDER Black Rice Soft Peeling Gel (100ml)

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